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Your Total Staffing Needs

Years of experience with scores of hospitals helps us deliver the best to your teams and departments.

3 Great +Programs
for Hospitals


Quality doctors  Always Ready
Whether you need to fill in holes for your shifts, cover holiday slots or make up for loss of critical talent, WPA Locums+ delivers experienced doctors to your emergency department so your services and care run seamlessly and better.


Total solution for emergency departments
If you are seeking a turnkey solution for your emergency department, WPA EMD+ program provides charting and billing analysis plus physicians for your full coverage of  your operations. You maintain control and watch the program run smoothly. EMD+ can double your revenue with our free analysis and implementation of our talent and program.

Quality Nurses • Always On

As we all know, finding talented and experienced nurses during the pandemic is a chore.  WPA Nurse+ program can deliver nurse professionals to your hospital to fill in the coverage gaps during the holidays, heavy patient loads and or employees move.  WPA Nurse+ delivers experienced nurses for all areas of your services.


"At Highland's, we've seen amazing efficiencies and growth in revenue in our emergency services thanks to the support of the WPA Team."

Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy

What is WPA Emergency Medicine Staffing?

We see our role as a total support for your operations in critical times or seasons of need when your core staff need a break or time off.

How does the WPA program work?

You call us with your staffing needs and open shifts and we assign the best matched talent to your operation. We work through all the necessary documentation and make sure they are ready to go.

What are the benefits of partnering
with WPA Emergency Medicine?

You can rest easy that you are covered throughout the year so you can give your resident talent a break or rest.  We will be there for those last minute staffing emergencies as we know how important it is to make your operation run well.